Ncohafmuta Installation


Step 1

If unix..

Log into your unix shell.

Download a 'full' or 'minimal' .tar.gz distribution file onto the server/into the shell the talker will run on.

If windows w/cygwin..

Download and install cygwin. Read the instructions here

Run the Cygwin bash shell program, from the Cygwin group in your Start Menu

Download a 'full' or 'minimal' .tar.gz distribution file into this directory

Step 2

Change to the directory where you downloaded the distribution/.tar.gz file, if not the current directory

From the command line, uncompress and untar the distribution with the following:
   gzip -d distribution.tar.gz
   tar xf distribution.tar
where distribution is the file version you downloaded. e.g. gzip -d ncoh140-dist-full.tar.gz

The distribution will then be in a directory named similar to the file version. i.e. if you downloaded ncoh140-dist-full.tar.gz, the directory would be called ncohafmuta-1.4.0

Change to that directory, (i.e. 'cd ncohafmuta-1.4.0')

Read the documentation file in docs/README.quickstart on how to initially configure, compile, and run the talker. (i.e. 'more docs/README.quickstart')

Screenshot: Unix Installation
Screenshot: Windows Installation (from the Cygwin shell)

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