The Guide to Ncohafmuta

The Ncohafmuta Tribe has been around since the summer of '94.
It was formed and conceived in a chat-room based on a Eddie Murphy stand-up routine, in which he does an impression of a homosexual Mr. T
(see the video 'Delirious' or right-click and save the Movie below)
We do a lot for the community and our teachings are known and spread throughout the land *grin*
(It should be noted that we are NOT against homosexuals, we don't care who people are into, and if they're white, black, green, or's all the same to us.)

What started it all. (.wav) (mp3) (Realaudio) (Movie)

Genesis. The birth of Ncohafmuta

Who we are and the leaders of our tribe.

The story of our signature product, the clip-on

Types of clip-ons we market.

Our tribe's song.

What the rules of Ncohafmuta are.