Events that took place 8/94 on the VERY old Clover Gardens

Sirkrake says: I am in the dark right now, all touch typing
Sirkrake says: As you can see, I am not a good toiuch typist
Cygnus smiles
Sirkrake is too lazy to turn on some lights
You say: CHUC CHUC, VOOM! Ya missed me bitch!
Sirkrake laughs
You say: hibock 
LEAVING: Bock - a new citizen
Cygnus whispers to sirk, "why you just, go to sleep" 
Sirkrake says: And god forbid shes got high heels on, and get that boomerang 
action going....CHUC CHUC...VO vo vo vo vo vo vo vo voVuh Vah voo vah Voo 
WHACK!.....AH!....vo vo vo vo vo vo vah vuh vah voo, CHUC, okay baby, lets go
Cygnus giggles
You say: hey boy, hey boy! lookin' mightie cute in them jeans!
ARRIVING: Semaj - a new citizen
 You say: now come on over here, and fuck me up the ass!
Sirkrake says: Nice Job Cygnus
Sirkrake says: Very well timed
Sirkrake Falls Down Laughing
Sirkrake Laughs Out Loud!!          IRL
You say: mister murphy, wanna come work out this problem on the board
Sirkrake says: No thanks, Ill just take the ZERO
You say: no, that's ok, I'll take the 0
Cygnus tried that once! 
Semaj says: semaj
Sirkrake says: I was typing out this big long messsage, and I lost it due to 
Sirkrake says: Hiya James
You say: james, oh yeah 
Sirkrake says: Hehe
Sirkrake takes a stab in the dark
You say: it's my talker, you know that it is...and if you don't like it, get 
the fuck out!
Sirkrake laughs
Sirkrake says: Cygnus, really, you couldnt have picked a worse time for that 
one particular comment though...hhe FDL
Sirkrake lol
You say: yeah, I know! 
You say: you know, cause it's mine, yes mother-fucker, yes 
Semaj reads the message board
--> sirkrake tells you:  Cygnus says: Now come on over here 
and fuck me up the ass! ....Classic
Sirkrake Falls Down Laughing
Sirkrake says: If I ever get a tlaker going that is going to be right there 
when you first login...
Sirkrake says: Its My talker, and if you dont like it, You can get the FUCK 
LEAVING: Semaj - a new citizen
You say: so fuck it
<13:43 Cygnus>
Sirkrake says: He did that whole drunk father bit terrific...
You say: that's the best 
<13:44 Cygnus>
Sirkrake says: I like the way he said beautiful...bitifal
Cygnus says: that is a classic...we have to save that
---- Recall end ----
Sirkrake reads the message board