The Ncohafmuta Clip-On Saga.
Logged by Scupper a few months ago in a galaxy far, far away..

Matrix says "hey!, my AAA card.."
Siglite arrives in a blinding flash!
Matrix says "I thought I lost that.."
Cygnus lost his driver's license once for about 2 months
Matrix says "really?"
Cygnus says "guess where it was"
Cygnus says "in my wallet"
Matrix says "in yer wallet?"
Matrix laughs
Cygnus says "cygnus, you dork"
Necros says "I accidentaly stole a guys licence for a night"
Matrix says "accidentaly?"
Necros says "yeah..."
Cygnus says "and you know what..i looked through that wallet 10 times
before that and COULD NOT find it"
Bbyblu says "ho w do you accidently steal a guys licence"
Necros says "I put it in my pocket, intending on giving it back next
Necros says "but I kinda forgot about it"
Matrix says "yeah... the same thing happens with socks and the dryer,
Matrix says "and pens and desk drawrs.."
Cygnus noodles
Matrix says "and coat hangers and closets.."
Matrix says "and spare change and couches.."
Bbyblu says "and underwear and the washing machine"
Cygnus says "and matrix's monkey and his body"
Matrix laughs
Bbyblu laffs
Matrix says "yeah, I've got one of those detachable ones.."
Cygnus says "damn, where'd theat thing go?"
Matrix says "in designer colors too.."
Cygnus says "you got mood lights on it?"
Matrix says "got a whole drawer full of 'em."
Matrix says "yeah.."
Cygnus says "good man"
Matrix says "it like changes color with my mood.."
Matrix says "I just kinda clip on the one I want for the day.."
Cygnus says "like a mood ring..but it does cooler stuff"
Matrix says "the clip-ons are so much better, cuz they tie ones are hard
Cygnus laffs
Matrix says "but sometimes the clip-ons fall off.."
Cygnus says "i got the 2 week disposable ones"
Matrix says "once I was kicked in the crotch, and it came unclipped.."
Matrix says "it fell off, and rolled outta my pant leg.."
Cygnus fdl
Matrix says "everyone was like "what's that?".. uh.. it's my penis.."
Cygnus says "i can picture that"
Matrix says "and I just kinda had to pick it up, and dust it off and
Matrix laughs
Matrix says "used denture cleaner on it.."
Matrix says "Efferdent.."
Cygnus says "did you have to get new lead for it?"
Matrix says "ohhh, those cleaning bubbles.."
Matrix laughs
Matrix says "no, the lead stayed. the clip was just faulty.."
Cygnus says "I have lots of lead, but noone to write to"
Matrix says "have you ever clipped it on upside-down cyg>"
Bbyblu says "soccer is about the only sport I dont follow"
Cygnus says "and pissed in my face"
Matrix says "terrible when that happens.."
Matrix laughs
Matrix says "yup.."
Cygnus says "like a damn fountain"
Scupper says "i thought it always rounded up"
Scupper says " aragh lag again"
Scupper taps her fingers
Scupper tells you: " *Beep*"
Scupper says "re"
Scupper says "ggrr..still out cold i guess"
Matrix says "one time I clipped on the 2 foot long one.."
Cygnus says "scupper, geez you're behind"
Scupper says "grrr"
Matrix says "got a hardon, and gave myself a bloody nose.."
Matrix laughs
Scupper LOL!!!
Matrix says "terrible.."
Scupper says "timing there"
Cygnus fdl!
Cygnus says "scupper, you gotta scroll WAY back"
Matrix says "it just whipped up. almost broke it.."
Scupper says "wow i think i missd something"
Bbyblu says "me too scupper  :)"
Scupper falls over
Scupper says "clip on?"
Bbyblu says "and I was here  :)"
Scupper says "how far back do i need to go?"
Matrix laughs
Cygnus says "yeah, clip on"
Cygnus says "back to the microwave"
Matrix says "easier to put on the 0?n the tie on ones.."
Scupper says "clip on penis?"
Matrix laughs
Cygnus laughs
Matrix says "yeah.."
Cygnus says "yeah"
Scupper boggles and begs to be told
Scupper looks at necros..
Matrix says "sometimes I clip on two at once.."
Cygnus says "i forgot how we got to clipons"
Scupper says "woah!!"
Matrix says "like alternating colors and stuff.."
Scupper says "i didnt miss blowjobs did I?"
Bbyblu thinks . o O ( i could have sworn they wer e talkinga bout mood
pens or something like that )
Cygnus says "oh yeah, i started with the losin' stuff and then findin' it"
Scupper grins
Matrix laughs
Scupper says "ahh ok"
Matrix says "nope.. not pens bbyblu.. peni.."
Matrix says "or.. penises.."
Matrix says "peni.."
Cygnus says "see scupper, we have what we call "clip on, disposable, mood
Scupper holds her head in her hands..and i missed it..doh!
Cygnus says "sorry, peni"
Bbyblu says "I knew I should ahve been paying closer attention  :)"
Matrix says "yeah.. in designer colors too.."
Scupper icks
Cygnus says "floursecent is coming soon"
Matrix says "I've got a limited edition clear one.."
Scupper says "no pun"
Bbyblu says "sounds disgusting if you ask me"
Cygnus says "you got the clear one!?!?!"
Scupper says "like colored condoms.."
Matrix says "yeah man.."
Scupper says "clear!!!"
Cygnus says "damn, i envy you"
Scupper says "lemme see!"
Matrix says "it's even got it's modle number on it.."
Scupper thinks . o O ( will it work? )
Matrix shows the clear penis to everyone
Scupper is impressed
Bbyblu laffs
Matrix says "yeah, I sent in 10 proofs-of-purchace and 2 bucks.."
Cygnus says "i lost my proofs"
Matrix says "I also got the decoder penis with it.."
Scupper grins
Scupper laughs
Cygnus says "you rules man"
Matrix turns the dials and decodes a message..
Scupper is jealous
Cygnus fdl
Bbyblu looks at Scupper  yeah right eh  :)
Matrix says "secret decoder penis.."
Cygnus says "yeah, but I got the glow in the dark one"
Scupper says "now theres a cracker jack toy"
Matrix says "no way!"
Cygnus says "way"
Matrix says "I was afraid of that one.."
Matrix says "like.. what if yer walking in the dark.."
Cygnus says "but i have to put the lights on for like 15 minutes before i
cna use it"
Matrix says "does yer crotch glow?"
Scupper grins
Cygnus says "it guides me home when i'm like in a strange place at night"
Scupper lol!!
Matrix says "oh yeah.."
Cygnus says "frightens off muggers, too"
Matrix nods..
Matrix says "with reminds me.. I've got "The Club" penus.."
Cygnus says "it has this built in homing device"
Matrix says "just attach it to yer car's steering wheel.."
Scupper grins
Cygnus says "haha"
Matrix says "it's like bright red and stuff.."
Matrix says "high visibility.."
Matrix says "so if someone does steal yer car.."
Scupper grins
Matrix says "the cops will see this penis attached to the wheel.."
Cygnus says "the pigs"
Matrix laughs
Cygnus has to take his for a walk soon
Scupper just grins and shakes her head
Cygnus says "it wants to go out"
Matrix says "put on yer "defender" penis before yoo do.."
Matrix says "so if you get mugged, you can use it's stun gun feature.."
Cygnus says "heh"
Scupper thinks on that a second
Matrix says "gimme all yer money".. "okay...." *slowly unzips his fly*..
"what are you doing?""
Matrix says "uh.. nothing..."
Scupper laughs!
Cygnus says "i got the "stop! or i'll cum on you" version"
Matrix laughs
Siglite arrives in a blinding flash!
Matrix says "oh.. pepper spray?"
Siglite says "re"
Scupper is blinded
Siglite says "pepper spray?"
Scupper says "hiya sig"
Matrix says "yeah.. pepper spray penises.."
Matrix says "clip ons.."
Siglite says "peper spray peckers"
Jackpot tells you: "How did we ever get on this subject?"
Cygnus says "the wave of the future"
Cygnus says "damn, we're sick"
Cygnus shakes his head
Matrix laughs
Siglite nods to cyg
Scupper says "heh..creative though"
Matrix says "yes we are.. "