The rules of the Bringer of Balance and Ncohafmuta

1. Ncohafmuta is a sacred word and should NEVER be taken or said lightly.

2. Only speak Ncohafmuta in the presence of a lady.

3. Any reference of myself to the name "Cyggie" is reserved for authorized
   human-like persons. The following are these: Scupper, Princess, Joelie,
   Ashley, Amanda, Ann, Gidget, Supergirl, Bambi, Amy, Alia, (what's with
   the A's??) Blondie (both of them), Carinae, Xbunny, and Lucky.

4. Cygnus is the one and only Secretary of warfare and guacamole.

5. ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY, No bowing!! ..only on alternate thursdays.

6. A noddle is an acceptable form of "nod" is a noodle.
    A noddle is defined as: A waggling of the head in a cute, child-like
    fashion, or as if in a perplexed state.  (by Melkir, 1/17/95)

7. The word "piece" is spelled "peice"..yes, PEICE.

8. The word spelled "V" "A" "X" is strictly off limits!! Don't say it..
   don't think it. You will certainly die.

9. A "bonk" is a way to express (occasionally amused) displeasure.
   In order to maintain homeostasis in the universe, a "bonk"
   REQUIRES an "oif" in response.  It's a Rule.

10. I'm a swan, NOT a goose!

Ncohafmuta, the Ncohafmuta logo, and the Ncohafmuta language are
un-registered, un-copyrighted birthmarks of Ncohafmuta Enterprises.
Any broadcasting, retransmission, plajorizing, or duplication of it's
material is strictly encouraged.