Who we are

We are the WANFOMs.

All your bases belong to us. (Ok, I had to get that in there because it seems like a popular phrase nowadays..but to tell you the truth I have NO idea what it means)

What's a WANFOM?
Glad you asked.
WANFOM stands for We Are Not Female Or Male

It is a concept conceived because of the stereotypes associated with the current genders. i.e. All men are jerks, All women are insane. I can't understand them.
In order to wipe the slate clean and be sure that we are not stereotyped based on our umm, anatomical features, we will be known as the WANFOMs. You can base any judgements on us by our individual merits, and those alone. We are breaking free from the bondage chains of these archaic labels! :-)

Leaders and cabinet members of the Ncohafmuta Tribe

Cygnus - Lord Ncohafmuta

Jazzin - Vice President in charge of the Clip-on

Scupper - Secretary of Pubic Relations