What a talker is


(SOME of this was taken from another website)
Talkers, sometimes called chatlines, are multi-user programs, similar to MUDs and irc in that they allow people to interact simultaneously in a common environment. Talkers are never violence oriented, and there is no combat. Other things you will NOT find for the most part, are, objects or internal expansion. The 2 main types of talkers are NUTs based and EW-Too based. Each have their strong and weak points and have 2 different style of interfaces. A popular EW-Too talker is/was Foothills. Some people have gone far enough to call it a MUSH. NUTS based talker codes include Ncohafmuta, Amnuts, rNUTS, and ramTITS. Most codes are fairly user-friendly, amd require minimal memory, disk space, and network bandwidth

Like MUDs, themes of a talker can be any number of things the admin wishes. A layout of the talker may have as little as 4 rooms or as many as 60, depending on how much the admin wishes to expand. Most rooms can be made private for people to go and talk alone. There is some teleportation for higher ranked users. Users can customize their characters with desriptions, personal info, and personal settings.

The ranking system of these places also varies depending on what the admin wishes. There may be 4 ranks: Newbie, User, Wizard, God. or sometimes 7: Newbie, User, Elder, App. Wizard, Wizard, Senior Wizard, God. With rank, comes more commands. The ability to see site names for users, teleportation, nuking, banning, arresting, etc..

Commands in almost all talkers start with a period (.) To see who's online you would type --> .who or even just .w

Help online is .help or even .h Help topics can be specified. for example, .h who or .h newbie

Some MUD-Talker equivelants are listed below..

say just type
page .tell
whisper .tell
yell .shout
@wall .bcast
go .go
@tel yourself .go
@tel another .move
send mail .smail
read mail .rmail
delete mail .cmail or .dmail
pose action .emote or ;
@succ .succ
@fail .fail
WHO .who or .swho

Talkers/Chatlines are common. I would estimate the population on the net at about 150. Most talkers generate about 15 people on at a time, depending on the talker.

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